Are you looking for the best Savage Instagram captions for your ex, guys and haters? Nobody wants hate but In a world of full haters, There's sometimes you must need to reply to those who laugh at you behind your back. 

150+[Best] Savage Instagram captions for your selfies

Sometimes being savage is far better than being straightforward because the world is always pushing you down. 

So, for those moments where you need to be strong and bold, we gather some collection of captions that will be good for you if you are savage. 

Here, I try to give some best savage instagram captions for myself, selfie and photos. 

Short Savage Instagram captions 

Short but valued and easy to understand. I share some short savage captions that may be you like these captions. 

150+[Best] Savage Instagram captions for your selfies

  • Ola! People. 
  • Hii! Millennial. 
  • Be savage, Not average. 
  • I'm none of your business 
  • Leave the way, I'm coming. 
  • And the adventure begins.
  • You are a sheep, I am a shepherd! 
  • I am so bad, but more than you!
  • Finally End of the era. 
  • I like me more than burgers. 
  • Just like english alphabet, I came before the U baby! 
  • 50% bold, 50% brave. 
  • I don't have talent! I can create one. 
  • Love or hate! Both are my faces. 
  • Life is not a journey! Life is a test of hardship. 
  • I know your love! It's just a lust. 
  • Life goes on, for you or against you. 
  • Proof that I can capture a selfie better than yourself. 
  • Love me or hate me, I simply don't care. 
  • My Attitude is savage but my heart is gold. 
  • I am writing paper and you act like toilet paper, wasted! 
  • If karma isn't hit you, then I will. 
  • I wanna slap you but I don't know which face. 
  • Don't down me! I have my own way. 
  • Too busy to update my social status. 
  • My words hurt you more than punch. 
  • Stay bold and if you can't, then wear bangles. 
  • Hard with bad and soft with good. 

Savage Instagram captions for girls 

Dear girls, your turn, If you are looking for badass or savage instagram captions, see our collection of captions. 

150+[Best] Savage Instagram captions for your selfies

  • People always jealous those who shine more than them. 
  • You can't ignore a ray of sunshine in a darkroom. 
  • I burned your feelings for me.
  • At Least I don't play with someone's life.
  • Personality is more important than temporary makeup. 
  • I have a good heart but sorry about this mouth. 
  • Keep your attitude bindass with a good ass. 
  • Two things important to you! Both are none of your business. 
  • Children love pink, Real women love black. 
  • Your smile is so fake even China failed to make it. 
  • Enemy is far better than fake friends. 
  • Just give me a wet towel, I will remove your whole beauty. 
  • Pain can make anyone into the warrior.
  • I am not addicted! I am addicted. 
  • Be passionate, Be confident. 
  • Idiots do the same thing again and again and they expect different outcomes. 
  • Losers don't fall into the trap but they make their own trap so that they can fall. 
  • I see a lot of competition out there but nothing in you. 
  • Hi! I found your nose in my business. 
  • Don't disturb! Unless I distract you from your life. 
  • Me! Jealous of you? wake up from your sweet dream. 
  • I don't have extra energy to waste to fix your doubt about me. 
  • Me and you are on different roads with opposite directions. 
  • I am a witness! You are wrong. 
  • Trust is the thing hard to build but easy to break. 

Good savage captions for Instagram 

Do you want a caption that will be cool if you use them in your photos. I recommend you to have a look at these captions. 

150+[Best] Savage Instagram captions for your selfies

  • Do you see an innocent face? There's a wild side too. 
  • No one is me,they appear like me but not me. 
  • Every reward comes with covering risk! 
  • Get it or lose it! It's your choice. 
  • Challenge me? That will be fun. 
  • Everything in life seems impossible until it's done 
  • I act like I don't care but I am not acting. 
  • Before you insult anyone, give some value to yourself. 
  • Life is short! pass smile until you have teeth. 
  • You hate me! Now, Are you becoming a billionaire? 
  • I am 99% good but don't ask about 1%....
  • Weekends are my best friend but summer break is my girlfriend. 
  • Sorry! Busy in dreaming! 
  • Your hate like lust! it's never ending! 
  • Success burns haters, Smiles kill their ego! 
  • Sweet as sugar. Hard as ice. Hurt me once. I’ll break you twice.
  • With those who make your relationship, I make friendship with them. 
  • Sorry for the mean, awful, accurate things I said.
  • Stay away from me, I have no control over myself. 
  • I did work, I do work, I will work. People usually say smart work. 
  • Damn hot to handle, Damn sleepy to control. 
  • I know I am lazy because I find the easiest way to finish any work. 
  • Be Sure, Be savage AF. 
  • Don't judge me! Even I can't. 
  • Thanks buddy! Next plz. 
  • You attract eyes! It attracts hearts. 
  • I hope you will be safe! Just stay away from me. 
  • Good is Good, Bad is bad but don't think why i just said? 
  • Love everyone but start from myself first. 
  • Success meets those who are destroyed by their failure but still have courage to say 'I never give up'. 
  • My dedication and determination decide how far I can go. 
  • Create Friends, Enemy also make one way. 
  • People don't remember the year but remember the moment. 
  • Initially, Everyone laughs but then realizes. 
  • Every mistake is an opportunity for your opponents to beat you. 
  • Work in silence but Break their silence with your success. 
  • Society always becomes Obstacles when you start something new. 
  • Never lose your hope until you achieve your dreams. 
  • You see dreams at night, I see them day and night. 
  • Time is infinity times costlier than money. 
  • You are ordinary until you get extra. 
  • Respect those who raise you! Ready for yourself for those who down you. 
  • My roots are in the ground , my eyes are in the sky. 
  • I want to live in space because you can't reach there. 

Savage Instagram captions for haters

There's nobody who deserves savage captions more than haters. Sometimes haters become a reason for us to become savage. So, Please have a look at these captions also. 

150+[Best] Savage Instagram captions for your selfies

  • I am not bad but you badly force me. 
  • If I can't destroy you then your ego will. 
  • Good things take time, That's why I am always late. 
  • Not everyone interested in you like me….. 
  • You make jokes, I make memes. 
  • Life is better when i am laughing. 
  • It's painful for you to understand me. 
  • Hard Roads always go to beautiful destinations. 
  • You make motivation, I make examples. 
  • Honey, Even Dogs have standards. 
  • Focus on your goals, not on me. 
  • Some people deserve a hi-five on their face. 
  • Struggle makes you broke, Struggle makes me a beast. 
  • Oh, please! I also have a wild side. 
  • It's not my ego, It's my attitude. 
  • Stop crying unless you die with the weight of your tears. 
  • I don't know but your tears appear like crocodile' tears. 
  • Your right side is my wrong side.
  • Roses are red and violet are blue. I thought I am good.What do you think about you? 
  • Want me? out of your reach. 
  • come on! you are overacting. 
  • In my dictionary, I have a word for you, "Idiots". 
  • You are an illusion and I am mirage, people run towards me. 
  • Don't get too close to the heater, Plastic melts. 
  • I am a scuba diver in a sea of mud. 
  • Control yourself unless I control you. 
  • My haters are my true friends, they always remember me. 
  • You can understand myself like quantum mechanics. 
  • You look beautiful in my nightmare. 
  • Didn't they tell you I am so savage. 
  • Millions of miles to cover but with supersonic speed. 
  • Our category isn't suitable for you. 
  • Daring, I am your nightmare. 
  • Soo busy to be free. 
  • If you are fire, I am petrol.
  • Intelligent people don't show off, I do not show off. 
  • Stop over thinking, it doesn't solve your problems. 
  • I like dogs, they face the danger or they piss off on danger and go… 
  • I am addicted , play with me at your own risk. 
  • After facing so many hits by people like you, I easily recognise who you are. 
  • Fight or surrender! Unfortunately, I like the F word.

Savage Instagram captions for ex

Going through a breakup and needing some captions makes you calm but makes your ex regret it. Share these captions with your instagram post. 

150+[Best] Savage Instagram captions for your selfies

  • Humble with myself, Crazy with yourself. 
  • Catch words, not feeling. 
  • If someone hates you, it means you are doing something good. 
  • The beginning starts from your ends. 
  • But my personality lit. 
  • I am not perfect but at least I'm not you. 
  • Don't laugh at someone, Something garbage is more costlier than your standard. 
  • My lips are the gun. My smile is the trigger. My kisses are the bullets. So, why don't you call me a killer? 
  • Make peace with broken pieces. 
  • You are sunshine until I come with black sky.
  • Not interested to reply to your bullshit. 
  • My lipstick may be brighter than your future.
  • Maybe aliens don't like bullshit, You are safe. 
  • Revenge? Don't waste your time! 
  • Where ya lookin’? I’m the view.
  • Tell me whenever I hear your opinion . 
  • Hii! Princess, Your queen is here. 
  • New life, New desire but old you! 
  • Never thought to stop me now. 
  • 100 times I fell down and 101 I will rise. 
  • I am king of my own without your attention! 
  • If you are an antenna, I must be thunderstorm. 
  • Baby, You have no option. 
  • Something good or something bad, You are rest. 
  • Only one smile ruined your mood. 
  • Cactus from outside, flowers from inside. 
  • Your biggest fan is a stranger, Your biggest hater is someone you know. 
  • Regrets screwed us, Revenge makes us calm. 
  • Everything's want sacrifice. Even if you want success today, you need to sacrifice your yesterday. 
  • Bigger success comes in the envelope of bigger risk,You must have courage to open it. 
  • Bad is better than worst. 

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