Are you excited? A New life comes into your home? Becoming parents is the most wonderful feeling that anyone feels and we know you captured so many photos of your baby. You are here so that you can get some cute captions for baby pictures. 

Best quotes and cute captions for baby pictures on Instagram

Sharing newborn pictures on various social media gives so much pleasure and announcing that you finally become a parent of a little baby. 

For this special period, We gathered a collection of captions that you might like if you are looking for some captions so that you can frame your baby pictures with beautiful captions that describe how lovely they are? 

Short cute captions for Instagram 

Want one line captions for baby pictures? then, short cute captions are just for you. You can share them with loved ones. 

Best quotes and cute captions for baby pictures on Instagram

  • My little life… 
  • little one, you are so cute. 
  • Cuteness overload. 
  • So adorable ❤️
  • Isn't so cute? 
  • Beautiful baby😘
  • My little version. 
  • Dream big, loved one. 
  • My everyday inspiration.
  • Look out, Baby
  • Dream comes true. 
  • And the adventure begins. 
  • Love at first sight. 
  • What happened?
  • Nobody leaves a baby in a corner. 
  • Some things can't change. 
  • we live together. 
  • Every soul comes alone. 
  • Still discovering yourself.
  • Many changes in life. 
  • Myself for yourself baby.
  • I am a traveller and you are my partner. 
  • Do you love me?
  • Well Hi there, Cutie. 
  • Your smile is my happiness.
  • Baby got back again. 
  • Babies understand me better.
  • My little champ. 
  • Hii! cutie pie. 

Instagram captions for new born baby

A New born baby can melt anyone's heart and everybody gets curious to see them. share your photos of the baby with your loved ones by framing them with some beautiful captions. 

Best quotes and cute captions for baby pictures on Instagram

  • The best gift sent by God. 
  • All blessings on a little face. 
  • Babies are such a nice way to start people. 
  • His giggles stole my heart. 
  • My biggest responsibility. 
  • You are my definition of love. 
  • Let me love you until you are not little. 
  • Your presence gives me peace in my heart. 
  • My baby is my morning and evening. 
  • Babies give you a chance to become a good person. 
  • I am happy to achieve you. 
  • You are my favorite struggle. 
  • keep calm and i am here. 
  • New life, New desires, New goals. 
  • I don't want a supercar, I just enjoy my baby.
  • You fill up the empty place in my heart. 
  • You are one of my favourite wishes, I even ask God.
  • Little soft feet makes deep footprints in your hearts.
  • Children are one of the best blessings of the lord.
  • Smile is the language that even a baby understands.
  • From the small beginning to a great end. 
  • A small person always comes with great responsibility.
  • Babies are my best friend forever. 

Baby boy captions for Instagram 

Being a boy like the hero of their mother and playing here and there, being naughty all the time. Such moments must be captured. We share some baby boy captions with you 

Best quotes and cute captions for baby pictures on Instagram

  • So Excited to have you in our family.
  • A new little life is yet to come…  
  • Keep calm, our baby is coming. 
  • Don't worry champ, There are here. 
  • Nothing just waiting for your first step in this world. 
  • My happiness is your smile from now. 
  • Your happy face is all I need. 
  • My superhero is coming. 
  • One day, You will make me proud. 
  • We have you, We have everything we wish. 
  • You are my favorite wish that came true. 
  • When you are born, We are blessed. 
  • Without you, our home is incomplete. 
  • You fill my heart with happiness that was filled with darkness. 
  • You are the sun, moon, mars, every star. 
  • Twinkle Twinkle little star, I am wondering how lovely you are…. 
  • We wait nine months to see the outcome of our love. 
  • pleasure for us to have a little life in your home. 
  • You are my sunshine, You are sunrise. 
  • Your face makes me forget all my worries. 
  • I love my very much. 
  • Where's my little champ? 
  • Your little feet make a deep impression in your heart. 

  • I'll try to become the best father in the world. 

Sissy baby captions for Instagram(baby girl included) 

Having some photos of your own daughter or sister? looking for good captions to share memories of your baby girl with loved ones. Share your photo using these captions. 

Best quotes and cute captions for baby pictures on Instagram

  • Hii! my little princess.
  • New life is beginning now.
  • Cutiepie with sweetness. 
  • Doesn't it look like a doll? 
  • It's her smile that melts me.
  • No matter how much you grow, You are always my little princess. 
  • Welcome! My little world. 
  • You are my dream. 
  • When you walk, I feel rock… 
  • I can spend my day with my baby.
  • You are the light, You are the color of the eye. 
  • Somewhere sunshine, Somewhere my baby. 
  • Where's my little rock'n'roll. 
  • Babies doesn't come with only blessing but they happiness to the home 
  • You are my little self image. 
  • Almost everyone loves children and many wish to become one again. 
  • Babies are like buds that bloom to fresh flowers and give hope to humanity. 
  • Want to recharge yourself? Play with children. 
  • “Children make you want to start life over.” —Muhammad Ali.
  • Happiness is from home, Home is from you. 
  • A happy baby tries to put a smile on everyone's face. 
  • His little hands melt my hearts and his little smile makes me smile. 
  • “A daughter is one of the best gifts this world has to give.” —Laurel Atherton.
  • Children is naughty but mine one is naughtiest. 
  • You are the reason that I am here. 

funny pictures of babies with captions

Having some funny photos of your babies and looking for good funny instagram captions. These Funny memories are precious one and always remind you of their childhood. 

Best quotes and cute captions for baby pictures on Instagram

  • Here trouble comes. 
  • Babies are the reasons for love, joy, cuteness but something for a headache. 
  • My phone and baby diaper have no more storage. 
  • Hi! My little childhood image! 
  • Favorite part of playing with children is that I forget Who I am. 
  • You smile I smile but You cry I feel like I will die. 
  • Hours of hours need to sleep you, One little mistake awakens you. 
  • I love children when they do not belong to me. 
  • Even the laziest one, take care of their babies. 
  • How does the babysitter handle them? 
  • It's an art to take care of a baby. 
  • Nobody wastes food like babies do. 
  • Children are naughty, mine is naughtiest!
  • Baby, don't cry, you are safe 
  • Hii baby, You are looking more beautiful than me. 
  • Let me rock with my baby. 
  • Being with you, I feel lucky. 
  • This little guy stole my heart with his smile. 
  • There's so many things to learn from a baby but there's one thing that's most important and that is patience. 
  • Not every woman gets this feeling, if you have it then you are so lucky.
  • when love meets love, my child has come. 
  • It's time to play with babies.
  • Babies are like anti-depression, When you spend some time with them, you forgive your worries at least for a while. 
  • You are my definition of love. 

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