Best Quarantine Instagram captions 2020

Nowadays, Quarantine is on a huge trend. Every government follows up this trend to stop the spread of the disease but it looks like Governments start challenges like tik tok or instagram challenge. it's funny but we know it's for our benefits.

So if you are living in quarantine and you get bored but you want to share your quarantine memories on instagram and you don't find any suitable caption for your post then you are at the right place.

Here we share 50 Instagram captions for your instagram post.

Best Quarantine Instagram captions 2020

  • I love you all, I will keep away all.
  • Forget all the old traps that I made for you.
  • It's time to become a hero! Stay At Home!
  • When destruction is all round! Create something.
  • if you can't go outside then go inside.
  • Stay At Home! Stay Aware!
  • Until tomorrow!
  • It's time to discover yourself within your place.
  • Don't go outside, Your decision decides the life of innocent people.
  • Stay At Home! Better days will come.
  • It's time to know the family.
  • Stop party outside, keep party inside.
  • Now I like weekends as well as whole quarantine weeks.
  • Lazy in 2019, Responsible citizen in 2020.
  • Make your Social life into the social distancing life.
  • We are born. We die. Somewhere in between we live. We know it's crazy but that's it.
  • In the world of quarantine, we practice it before they arrive.
  • If you have patience to survive at this moment then you have the ability to see the better days.
  • Our Earth is on maintenance, it's her time to heal.
  • In this quarantine, The world will feel my daily pain
  • Caution: Outside corona is hungry for you…
  • It's time to learn Self isolation.
  • Quarantine is similar to my lifestyle.
  • Don't share your sanitizer…

  • License for sleeping and chilling.
  • Dressed like partying but in your home
  • This Quarantine everyone respects laziness.
  • Smiling's my favorite hobby.
  • In isolationship.
  • It's family time.
  • Be patient, Better days will come.
  • It's time to celebrate a home party without guests.
  • Everyday like a Sunday.
  • Time to explore every corner of home.
  • This Quarantine, I'm the hardest person in the room.
  • Roses are red, oceans are blue, this is me in self isolation, how about you?
  • Save the world by staying at home.
  • Who's going outside in the world of online.
  • Discover yourself within your place.
  • Leave Outside, Live inside.
  • I'm on corona vacation and you?
  • Living in Quarantine looks like the art of doing nothing at all.
  • Learning social distancing…..
  • Cancel Plans for saving the world…..
  • I am starting to love myself.
  • Work from office to work from home.
  • These moments may be new for me.
  • Quarantine Queen/king.
  • I propose to myself to live with myself in Quarantine.
  • And the adventure inside my home begins.
  • Where's my bed? I need to save the world by staying at home.

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